MSI is an American company which specializes in offshore contract manufacturing, especially in custom metal fabrication and finished (turn-key) products.


We are strong in designing and building mechanical sub-assemblies as well as turn-key solutions, often with motor actuation integrated into the final product. Towards this end, our engineers can help adapt your product to be built with quality Asian parts, which in general will save costs while keeping quality and performance intact. We stand by our pledge of quality and service by shipping products with standard domestic terms.


If you are looking for a reliable off-shore manufacturer for your product, you are at the right place! We work hard to allow our clients to enjoy the competitive advantage of offshore pricing while avoiding risks and overhead costs of direct importing, and we accomplish this by:


• Providing the best offshore manufacturing experience, from quality to timely delivery, all vertically integrated.
• Assigning a project manager with a strong engineering background to every project.

• Enabling seamless and effective communication between clients in the U.S. and floor production engineers at various facilities in China.

• Having a professional shipping and logistic support team working around the clock in both China and the U.S.

• Providing familiar domestic 30 days terms, which allows you to inspect the shipment before making payment.


Our ability to work closely with clients has allowed them to fully utilize the best from China, and get their products and parts at very competitive costs. Over the years, we have leveled the playing field for many small businesses in the U.S. by helping them compete effectively in the age of globalization. You can depend on MSI for quality products, timely delivery, and 100% customer satisfaction.


Please call us today to discuss your manufacturing needs:


    Phone: 1-541-393-2203

    Email: sales@chinesemanufactured.com